Auslogics BoostSpeed 10 Crack and Serial (Full Version)

Auslogics BoostSpeed 10 gets allow performance of your computer in optimal condition. The full list of features of this program, we consider a little below, also touch on the list of positive and negative sides, installation and use instructions. At the very end of the page you can download the latest English Full version with the serial number of this application for free via a direct link.

The capabilities of the Auslogics BoostSpeed application are very wide. Let’s review this program. In addition to optimizing your computer or laptop, you can configure the operating system in the most convenient way.


A more detailed list of features given in this list:

  • enhancing the network and accelerating the transfer of data;
  • more high-quality and fast rendering of web pages;
  • view installed browser extensions analysis on the subject of the security breach;
  • the concealment of any advertising not related to a specific site;
  • the tools to optimize all cores of the CPU;
  • work with system services in Windows;
  • troubleshooting errors in the file system and the registry of the OS;
  • working with recovery points;
  • increasing free space by searching and deleting unnecessary files;
  • speeding up the work of any office packages; complete Erasure of any data without the possibility of subsequent recovery;
  • recovery of accidentally erased files;
  • «smart» defragmentation algorithm;
  • working with the startup list to speed up the OS startup;
  • Hiding important data with a password.

Auslogics BoostSpeed has additional functionality in the form of a number of tests that can determine the performance of the computer and compare it with other configurations.

Pros and cons

Like other programs installed and used in the OS environment from Microsoft, our software has a number of its own strengths and weaknesses. Consider them more carefully.


  1. there are a lot of settings that allow you to configure everything “for yourself”;
  2. all actions are recorded in the system log;
  3. there are tips that can intelligently convey to the user the purpose of a function;
  4. all actions can be carried out automatically saving the user from any worries.

Disadvantages: poor functionality of the free version (in your case, irrelevant as below you can download the full version of the program with crack).

How to use

let’s see how to install this application and use it:

  1. Download the archive at the bottom of the page button and unzip it to your computer.
  2. Install the program and proceed to use it.
  3. Activation is not required, as this is already a hacked version.
  4. Start the programm and select the desired tools section.

Next, you will need to run the scan, wait for it to complete and fix the errors found. Also here there is an automatic mode, in which you just need to press one button, and the program will search for problems on all criteria and their automatic correction. This algorithm is very generalized, but in most cases, it is still suitable.

Where is the key?

As we have said, there is no need to activate this software. Just install Repack and get started with the software.

Free download

Download it’s time to download the latest version of the program for free via a direct link. To do this, simply click the button below. Before you start unpacking, be sure to disable your antivirus.

Download Auslogics BoostSpeed 10

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